When you use a smartphone, it is important to have a place to download apps to use daily. The most popular site for this is the Google Play Store. There you can see, choose, and download apps for any activity like listening to music, watching movies, or finding a restaurant. Now, there is a newer and better app for this called 9Apps.

The 9Apps is available for free download and has many features that the Google Play Store doesn’t have. It is designed by the famous Chinese Alibaba Group and became famous and well-liked as soon as it was launched. This app is popular and used extensively by countries such as Russia, India, and others. As far as Android users are concerned, 9Apps is the best used 3rd party app store.

Package Information

Name 9Apps
Official Website 9apps.com
Package com.mobile.indiapp
Size 3.0 MB
Requires Android 2.3.4+
Category Utilities/Tools
Update 17-11-2018

Features Of 9apps

The important thing you see in the 9Apps is that it is a free APK file that is small about 4MB only. The small size makes it convenient to download and use. After installation, the app package gets deleted which helps you save space. This facility is not available on the Google Play Store. You have to download it from a trusted third-party download site. The other features are as follows:

 A large number of apps:

You find a large number of apps and games on this site that you can download and use. You have a wide range of categories with thousands of downloadable items in each. There are plenty of Wallpapers, Ringtones, Stickers, etc. that will prove useful to use on your phone. It is also possible to get discount coupons because it has a partnership with Amazon and Uber.

 You will not need a Google account to use the app:

Since this is a Chinese website, you will be free to use any email account you prefer. There is no compulsion that you must use a gmail account. This will be a relief for those who are using Yahoo and other email accounts.

 Fast and efficient download manager:

The download manager of 9Apps is advanced and so the downloads are fast and smooth. The download speeds are much greater compared to that of the Google Play Store. But, the best feature is that it is completely free. Its popularity is also because it has a great many games and apps and you don’t have to pay anything at any time to use all this.

 Compatible with all versions of Android:

It has a high degree of compatibility. You will be able to use this app with all versions of Android smartphones and internet devices. Another big difference you see from Google Play Store is that 9Apps allows you complete freedom to do an offline installation of games and apps. In the Google Play Store, you can only do online downloads and installations. Also, a majority of the applications are not free to use unlike here at 9Apps where every single app and game is free.

 Free and clear interface:

Unlike Google Play Store that has a dirty user interface, where the interface is uncluttered and free. At Play Store, the availability of apps depends on the locality and so you might not get all the apps at all the places. 9Apps allows you to use apps at any place where you are.

 Free app site:

The big plus of 9Apps is that you get paid apps for free. You will get the option to choose between the beta version and the original version of apps and games. There is no virus either when you download or use it. The simple user interface makes it enjoyable to use. Unlike the buggy apps you get from other APK link stores on the internet, 9Apps gives you apps that are free from any bugs.

 A good number of useful apps like Vidmate not available on the Google Play Store:

Vidmate is a video download app that allows you speedy access to videos from the internet. This is available here at 9Apps but not available on Google Play Store. The number of apps number more than 10 million.

 Updated apps on the 9Apps website:

You will always get the latest version of the app you are downloading because they will update the apps as soon as a new version is available.

 Boon for app builders:

For app builders, 9Apps gives a complete operating platform for testing and launching their apps. Even builders whose apps have been rejected at Google Play Store will find it an interesting opportunity to test and launch their products once again. 9Apps tests all the apps to make sure they are first-rate and only then showcase them on this site. So the apps you get are effective and in good working condition.

How To Download And Install 9Apps

  • Go to https://9apps.me to download and install 9apps. This gives you access to thousands of apps available on the site. This is the step by step procedure to install the app after you download it.
  • Click on the Download button. This will start the download. You will get the APK file.
  • To complete the download, you have to save the file to a place on your mobile phone or computer.
  • Once the download is completed, open the file.
  • You may run into a problem because the file is not known to Google.
  • To overcome this problem, Go to Settings, and click on Security.
  • Here you see the option Device Administration.
  • There is Unknown Source option available, click on it to allow the download.
  • After the download, click on Open.

Now the app is ready to use. You will see the icon on your mobile screen. When you click on this, the Home screen of 9Apps will open. You see the various categories under which apps, games, music, and video are arranged. It is similar to the Google Play Store and so if you have used Play Store, operating this should be easy enough.

To download the file you require, go to the appropriate category and click on the chosen file. The description and ratings of the file are given alongside the Download button. There is an option to read the reviews by users so you know how good the app is. Download and install the chosen app on your phone.

9Apps helps people develop app building as a public hobby. It maintains records of what people like or which features are the best in any app. This helps people choose the app with the features they like the most.

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